My most recent animations

Drawings that run, ride bycicles and dance a lot!

A mix of commissioned and personal animations.

Community Oncology Alliance

Denouncing the middlemen abuses against pharmacies

The community against greed

The video presents the abusive fees charged by middlemen that should look after the patients' interests.

Ocho Kandelikas

Hanukkah commemorative video

The community lights the candles

The video mixes animation with scenes of congregants from the Tifereth Israel Synagogue of NY lighting Hanukkah candles to the sound of a Sephardi song.

My Trust Me

Promoting an application

The video presents a more rational way of working.

The animation compares the misadventures of Charlie, a capital market banker who works with low support from his company to the easier life of Tracy, that can count on the resources of My Trust Me applications.

Washing hands

Learning to wash the hands with music

The little hands dance and show the steps to keep the hands clean.

Arnaldo Antunes' music gives the rhythm to the washing hands show.