Diário de uma Jabuticaba
Diário de um Tamanduá

Two books in one, two kids and a friendship

A girl and a boy writing their stories up

Jabuticaba is a girl that lives on the top of Vidigal mountain favela in Rio. Tamanduá is a boy from the nearby beach of Leblon. Both write diaries, meet on the beach and become friends. They have good time surfing and suffering together. A story about friendship and prejudice overcoming. The author, the conductor Ricardo Prado, captivated me with his project of two books in one. There was only one little problem: we had 3 weeks to make the books if we wanted them to be adopted in Rio's public schools. And the stories were still to be written... But these were insignificant details, we put our hands to work and the books indeed made their way to the students.