Paulo Zilberman


Illustrated biography

A textured life path

My training is self-taught. I have always drawn, anywhere and anytime. That doesn't mean I learned it all myself. On the contrary, I have always learned a lot from the work of several people who don't even know I exist. To them, my anonymous thanks.

The pleasure of drawing and the power of creation stimulated me from an early age to seek new forms of expression. It was always fun (and a little painful) to experiment.

Early in my childhood, I decided that I wanted to be an illustrator and so as soon as I could, I moved to São Paulo. Here, I had the opportunity to work in the newsrooms of many newspapers and magazines, always counting on the support of many people, to whom I will always be grateful.

Local and date of birth

• Porto Alegre, January 13th, 1961.


• Self-taught.
• 1986 — Watercolor course with Zélio Alves Pinto.
• 2015 — Classic animation course - Melies Animation School.


• Ilustration, graphic design, motion graphics and animation.


Profissional registration 21.433/SP

1985–Today — Freelance illustrator and animator
Illustrator, animator and graphic designer

I have always worked as freelance illustrator in parellel to newsroom routine. Among the publications I have contributed to are magazines likeMercado Global, Época, Época Negócios, Veja, Veja São Paulo, Gula, Cláudia, Imprensa, Playboy, 4 Rodas, Vip, Ícaro, Globo Rural, Meu Dinheiro, Scientific American Brasil, publisher houses like Moderna, FTD, Laselva and companies like McDonalds, Nestlé, Ipiranga de Petróleo, TV Globo, Rádio Eldorado, Ferrero Rocher, Unesp, Banco Santander, Banco Real, Cofap, Siemens, Credicard, Goodyear, AON, Air Liquide and Votorantim.

In the last years I have also created many animations for different clients.

1997–Today — Viva e Deixe Viver
Illustrator, animator and graphic designer

The Associação Viva e Deixe viver Viver, which means Live and Let Live Association, trains volunteers to tell stories to hospitalized children and teenagers, in addition to promoting various activities focused on health and education. I have participated in this project since the beginning, in 1997, creating illustrations, producing graphic material and, in recent years, also videos and animations.

2008–2014 — Diário do Comércio
Illustrator and graphic designer

My experience in the Diário do Comércio newspaper was very interesting because it had a huge demand for illustrations and I could also make a lot of caricatures, a kind of work I had never done before.

2004–2007 — IstoÉ
Cover creator, infografics designer and illustrator

My work with IstoÉ represented the return to a weekly publication. I was responsible for the creation of the covers of the magazine but I also participated in the creation of infographics and photoassemblages.

2003–2004 — Diário de S. Paulo
Illustrator and infographics designer

The Diário de S. Paulo newspaper was another publication where I could develop illustration and infographics projects.

2003 — Forbes Brasil
Cover creator, infografics designer and illustrator

Forbes Brasil was another business and finance magazine I worked for.

2000–2002 — Valor Econômico
Illustrator and infographics designer

Valor newspaper was another busThere I made illustrations and infographics for the covers of the special editions. This allowed me a lot of creative freedom to make very big and detailed illustrations.

1997–2000 — IstoÉ Dinheiro
Cover creator, infografics designer and illustrator

My work in IstoÉ Dinheiro was an opportunity to participate since the publication was created.

It was a weekly business and finance magazine produced by a very small group of people, and that meant very hard work but also the opportunity to create lots of illustrations.

1989–1997 — Estadão
Illustrator and infographics designer

My time in Estadão was essential for my professional development. The varied and renewed demands of a daily publication allowed me to develop agility without neglecting quality.The work went beyond illustration, also including graphic design and infographics.

While I was there the means of graphic creation became digital and it completely changed the way things were done.

Courses taught

• 2001 — Photoshop and image enhancement course for the art department of Valor Econômico newspaper.
• 1996 — Photoshop course for the art department of O Estado de São Paulo newspaper.


• 2009 — Exposition in the 2nd International Humor Festival in Rio de Janeiro.
• 1992 — Journalistic Illustration Prize in the 1st International Salon of Printed Drawing in Porto Alegre.


• 1995 — Congress of the Society of Newspaper Designers, Barcelona.


• Fluence in english and spanish, reading in german and italian.
• German basic and mid level certificates of the Goethe Institut in São Paulo.

Voluntary work

• Since 1997 making illustrations and graphic content for the Associação Viva e Deixe Viver.