Santos Dumont

Video promoting a speech

Innovation motivates life

In this video the life of Santos Dumont, the creator of the first airplane that flew without any axternal help, inspires a reflection about innovation and technology.

Valdir Cimino on TED

Whiteboard animation of a speech

Learnibg to tell stories

Valdir Cimino is the founder of Associação Viva e Deixe Viver, the NGO that prepares and organizes volunteers that tell stories to children in hospitals.

O que a gente faz, conta!

A documentary about Associação Viva e Deixe Viver

Telling life to children

Some of the testimonies in this documentary are accompanied with animations.

Animation exercises

Animations drawn on paper and finished in Photoshop

Alive and animated

Work made in the classic animation course of Melies Animation School.